The Emel difference

While most factories focus on large scale production, Emel keeps a rather small production as they want to give the right attention to each shoe from the beginning of the production process to the end with high attention to detail. Even if it takes more time, it is the exclusive end result that counts.   

Over 20 years of experience

When buying Emel shoes, you don't only pay for the craftmanship but most of all for the years they have spent to learn what children's feet actually need and what it means to wear healthy shoes to ensure the correct development of children's posture as they grow up. 

Rigid quality control

The Emel team subjects each shoe to a rigid quality control system before approval for distribution. 

Handmade by highly skilled artisans  

After years of creating and experimenting, Emel knows that no machine is able to properly sense  the tension necessary to produce a shoe that has wonderfully soft, thin leather yet still manages to provide protection for your child's feet throughout the entire use.

Finest materials

Emel begins with the finest of materials, high grade Italian leather and German nubuck. These supple full grained leathers are veg-tanned and free of carcinogenic chromium. ensuring that they are non-toxic, breathable and flexible.

Every shoe is assembled without plastic stiffeners or metallic nails.