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Hi, I'm Angelique. Young mum of Matisse and settled in beautiful Luxembourg with my little family. 

When our son began to walk at 11 months, I started to research what good shoes are all about for such small and delicate feet.

From a personal point of view, I developed back problems in my 20's and have been told by specialists that not much can be done anymore at this stage. I also learnt the issue has always lied with the position of my feet in the first place. 

You can imagine that I will do anything to prevent my son getting similar issues so I take his shoes very seriously.

I admit it was the style and cuteness that attracted me to the shelf of Emel shoes on my first encounter in a shop.

When meeting the owner later I was totally blown away by his level of knowledge about the subject and his answers made so much sense to me. 

I am proud to represent Emel today in Benelux and am determined to share the wisdom I have gained through my journey with other parents on my way. 

'’It is my mission to educate parents on the importance of first shoes and help them find answers at the time they can still make a difference. '’

Partner in crime

Together with my life and business partner Maciej, we strive to positively influence children's & parent's lives by informing and helping them make the right choices



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